Climate Action Services

Climate Action Services



CASI staff are experienced utility sector workers, leaders in conservation and renewable energy, and experts in building performance.

Leadership Team:

Lenard Hart, President, has spent his 20-year career in the sustainable building and energy efficiency sectors. He was one of the co-developers of the Energy Star for Houses® program in Ontario. He created and implemented the IESO funded Solar Attic Fan Pilot for Hydro One Brampton / Alectra. He founded CASI in 2016 to address the need for an energy efficiency, renewable energy, and carbon reduction company that can provide both program and strategy development along with implementation.

Kevin Monte de Ramos,VP Service Line Development, has been a energy and utility sector industry consultant for 15+ years, specializing in the design and evaluation energy efficiency initiative and programs. He was the principal designer of AffordAbility Fund® and the author of the program’s implementation protocols. He has championed innovative IT systems and program design work with North America’s largest energy service providers. Prior to this he founded NeXT Century Software in 1998, and KMDR Research in 2001.

Robert J. Storey is a Professional Engineer and Certified Energy Manager with over 30 years of operations and technical project management experience. His qualifications include:

• 18 years of project management and technical services specialization in energy efficiency and energy management projects and programs (saveONenergy, ISO 50001, Energy Design Review, Industrial
Accelerator, CSA energy efficiency programs). Current Voting Member of CSA / ISO TC 301 Energy Management and Energy Savings

• 8 years of design and implementation of lean manufacturing and productivity improvements in wide
range of industries

• 7 years of direct management of industrial production and maintenance staff

• 1 year of managing large portfolio of solar photovoltaic operations

James Glasspool, BASC., CET, CDSM, CEA, BEP, CIGC, CEMSenior Engineer

A senior Energy Management Professional with extensive experience in the gas utility and electric utility industry. He has helped clients improve their energy efficiency and navigate Enbridge and OPA/IESO program participation for more than 30 years. His areas of expertise include Energy, Project Management, Building & System Audits, Key Account Management, Operations Systems, and Strategic Planning.

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